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The Global Performance web based portal and database has been developed for manufacturing companies, enabling them to show their performance level on social and environmental requirements both to the project partners and related donors.

All parties involved have a dynamic view on all developments and improvements easing their choice of reliable suppliers globally.

An important step towards economic development is the access to global markets. To strengthen private economic sectors in developing countries is the driving force behind the Global Performance System.

Compliance with social and environmental requirements is a must for the private sector to be successful on the global market place. And it has become a basic criterion for buyers' decisions together with price, quality and delivery terms.

Different approaches based on audits try to lead producers to meet with international criteria.

But the main objective must be the final improvements reached only through continuous capacity and awareness building accompanied by qualified local assistance.

Global Performance is strictly focussed on the final compliance of the manufacturing community. The system covers all basics of international standards within the fields of social accountability, workplace safety and environmental awareness.

From Assessment via Weak Point Analysis and Corrective Actions to the final compliance every step is accompanied by local specialists globally.

And the web-based database allows donors, manufacurers and the trade to keep track of the dynamic progress.

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