Profit is the intention of economic activities. In order to improve weak points in the industrial supply chain the Consortium develops individual systems to optimise practice.
But systems can only be used in a sustainable
manner if all people involved in the economic process benefit from it. This requires appropriate solutions particularly for social and environmental aspects.
The planet is exposed to a steadily growth rate. The minimization of environmental load is a global responsibilty, if profit will be generated and people will be motivated.
January 2008
Young academic research workers in the field
January 2008
Cooperation with CDI in Vietnam
November 2007
Article on CSR Management
November 2007
This web based Risk Assessment service assesses the risk of purchasing a product from a selected country. Furthermore,it can also calculate more specific risk based on answers given by you to specific questions and can sugest corrective actions.
The web based assessment questionnaire evaluates your actual status and enables you to:
  • Find out your improvement needs
  • Assess these weak points yourself
  • Prepare future audits
  • Get high quality graphical reports
  • Download reports and save them offline
  • The Global Performance web portal is a market access tool developed for manufacturing companies enabling them to access the European and American markets and to develop dynamic and sustainable business relations with European and American buyers.
    Global Business
    Environmental Awareness
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