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AEON is a group engaged in a variety of businesses and operations centering on retailing within and outside Japan.
With a long-term goal of “Global 10,” which is to rank within the top ten global retailers, we are endeavouring to reinforce our group framework.

AEON implements a unique business model in which the
individual operations continue to develop with each other by pursuing and mutually sharing the best practices.
The important point in attaining the goal is to take action together with our customers.

AEON is deeply involved in well-being and lifestyle. Let alone providing safe and reassuring foods and consumer goods, we pay the utmost attention to the raw materials used in our products. We also care about the living conditions of the suppliers of the material.

With the entire group putting the AEON Basic Principles into practice, the group will take another leap toward the goal.

In 2003 Aeon established a Supplier Code of Conduct to act under the shared customer-centered AEON principles.

The AEON group hopes to develop strong ties with customers and business partners in compliance with this AEON Supplier Code of Conduct.


Type in the browser, URL:
Click on Compliance Net (left-hand side)
Click on drop-down AEON
On the bottom of this page click on “Pre Assessment enter here“
You will see the login page requesting for login and password.
Enter your Login-name and password (sent to you by 3P-Consortium)
In case the password or login name is not accepted, please try again. Make sure that no cap-locks are activated.
In case of continued failure to access, or if you have further questions and need more help please do not hesitate to contact us at


What is On-line Submission?
Here you are kindly requested to answer all the questions on-line through Internet. This is the most recommended way of submitting the questionnaires.

Instructions for On-line Submission
Before you start answering/entering the forms on-line, please make sure that you have the answers of all the questions ready. To get information on the questionnaire you may download the working instructions. You can navigate the questionnaire, using the left-hand side navigation. If you have completed questions on one page, please make sure to click the button “next/save” to save your answers, so that next time when you login, you do not need to re-type these answers. If you are not sure of an answer you can logout anytime, get the required answer or information, and then re-login to continue. (You do not need to retype the questions already answered as all your answers have been saved, provided that you clicked on the “next” button at the bottom of page). If you have NOT answered ALL relevant questions on this page, a reminder will tell you which answers have been left out. Please answer these questions, too, otherwise you will not be able to save the page.

When you have answered all questions on all pages, click the button “Submit Questionnaire” on the page (Documentation 3) to submit the whole questionnaire. This step is very important. Your report will be issued only when you click the button “Submit”. Click on the button “Logout” in the left navigation whenever you have finished working.

An e-mail will be sent to you or your agent by 3p-Consortium as soon as the Pre-Assessment report is generated.

The Report will show the performance (in %) on fulfilment of Aeon Code of Conduct requirements and will also show the non-conformities, if any. For each non-conformity, a suggestion for the corrective action (improvement) is given in the report. It is strongly recommended to solve these non-conformities before the audit date in order to improve your audit result.

When you are selected to undergo audit, you will receive information by AEON. After this the audit organization will contact you to fix an audit date at your production site.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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