THINK GLOBAL. Act local!

The KIDS e.V. society, closely associated with 3p, founded the KIDS school in Tiripur India some years ago with the help of international partners from trade and industry. There are nearly 750 girls and boys attending this school; children of poor families who would normally be condemned to a life of poverty and child-labour. With funds invested by the Swiss trading group MIGROS and the participation of local MIGROS partners in the capital of the Indian textile industry, the school has achieved financial independence.
Currently, 70% of the costs are supported by local contributions and this support is being increased.

The financial independence of KIDS makes it possible to plan further investments in a day-care facilities and to plan a job-training center. The center will prepare children who have graduated from the KIDS school for qualified jobs in industry.
The needs of both industry and its future employees are satisfied by this arrangement. This gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to break through the vicious circle of educational poverty and companies that are desperately searching for qualified employees can be assured of a long-term supply of specialized employees if they are willing to invest financially in such educational programs.

Further regional initiatives are being planned in the Philippines and in Bangladesh. Education and training as a long-term investment for the future a³ this equals employment.

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