January 22, 2008
Young academic research workers in the field
According to the cooperation with Alanus University (Faculty economics and ethics) 3p has initiated the "practical training" of three studends. Florian Spathelf has been contracted by 3p as a student trainee for the next two years. He is involved in certain CSR programs and the function as the liaison man between 3p and Alanus. Lavina Muth has started her trainee program at Bio Plaza  in Columbia. Bio Plaza is an organisation wich supports and facilitates the production of organic crops in South America. Her job is concerned to the screening of relevant products and production information in order to approach European buyers. Lukas Nossol is working with CDI, a Vietnamese partner organisation of 3p being active in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. He is involved in the preparation of a Public Private Partnership program with DEG, CDI and 3p on site.
Work reports will be published.

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